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Facility management and maintenance are the key factors in your business operation because it is a proven fact that better facility improves the state of being both physically and psychologically thus bringing better results and productivity.

That means you have to find a general maintenance company Abu Dhabi to maintain your building. If you are already on the hunt for general maintenance company Abu Dhabi, then you must choose our service.

We are matchless leaders in the industry:

As far as our service is concerned, we are the leading maintenance company in Abu Dhabi that deals with a range of industries in a comprehensive manner. From dealing with the HVAC system to plumbing to the security and safety to the parking management, we can deal with all kinds of maintenance related jobs.

We are technically perfect and house some finest and talented professionals who understand the importance of facility management. Our knowledge and experience make us the most trusted and effective company in the market that a lot of clients appreciate.

Ideologically perfect and technically sound:

Every business runs on ideology because that defines the course of action. We are committed to giving matchless facility management service through our ideology that promotes health and safety at the workplace.

Our aim is to empower our clients with a perfectly functioning facility that can improve performance and productivity. As far as technology is concerned, we are one of the highly advanced companies that use new and offbeat technology and tools. This is something that is one of our core ideologies because we know that technological deployment can bring us better results.

Planning and tactical execution at its best:

Each facility is different and has different needs. That means each facility must be approached in a different manner and for that reason, we investigate and inspect the building before coming up with an action plan.

During our inspection, we as general maintenance services Abu Dhabi also involve our clients because they have certain ideas that they want to execute. In addition, our communication with our clients also gives us exact ideas to craft our action plan. We give customized solution to clients those have dynamic needs too.

Smarter service at a better price:

We use smart technology and smart strategy to carry out the building maintenance work. If you are looking for the maintenance company in Abu Dhabi, then it is us. We give the smartest service at the best possible price.

Call us now if you are searching for general maintenance services Abu Dhabi and we would love to give you the perfect service. Our team is always ready to help our clients in there maintenance related concerns and jobs. So, speak with our team now and find out more about our facility management service and building maintenance service.

The facilities management is a fairly new profession in the private sector. It has emerged to become the fastest growing profession in the real estate and construction sector. In practice, JANCO can cover a wide range of services including real estate management, financial management, change management, human resources management, health and safety and contract management, in addition to building maintenance, domestic services (such as cleaning and security) and utilities supplies.

Our core services covers wide range of facility comprising of ; Electrical System, Cleaning, mechanical, HVAC system, plumbing & Sewerage , Fire Protection, Landscape, Lifts and Escalator, Security & Safety, Parking Management, Consultancy & Advisory Services, Waste Management, ICT System, Pest Control, Energy Management & Conservation, Building Audit Services, Customer Care Management, Transition Management, Catering &Vending Services.

Services at a Glance

  • Electrical System, Waste Management
  • Cleaning Services, Parking Management
  • Mechanical Systems, Catering & Vending Services
  • HVAC System, Security & Safety
  • Plumbing & Sewerage, Transition Management
  • Fire Protection Services, Landscape Services
  • Landscape Service, Mechanical System
  • Lifts & Escalator, Plumbing & Sewerage
  • Security & Safety, ICT System
  • Parking Management, Lifts & Escalator
  • Consultancy & Advisory Services
  • Waste Management Building, Audit Services
  • ICT System, Consultancy & Advisory Services
  • Pest Control, Electrical System
  • Energy Management & Conservation, HVAC System
  • Building Audit Services, Pest Control
  • Customer Care Management, Energy Management & Conservation
  • Transition Management
  • Catering &Vending Services, Fire Protection System

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