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JANCO general maintenance and building cleaning company believes in practicing the business with integrity that begets perseverance to cope up the maintenance problems faced by the owners of commercial or residential infrastructure.

The Facilities Management profession has come a long way and has become an important business element for organizations as the costs of real estate increase and the impact of the built environment on productivity of employees becomes more and more recognized.

In our business the leadership plays more important role than technical skills, as technical skills are void if not applied with synchronization. Facility Management is a complex business so we ought to hire a staff having key facility skills. Our communication with our clients is planned and controlled for normal or an emergency calls, we continuously mend our ways of work, which makes our clients, to feel the difference.

  • Vision

    A healthy space for living or work produces healthy and positive minds.

  • Mission

    We are looking to surmount the business, to the top level and to play vital role in giving an exemplary service to clean and facilitate the habitat, where customers live or work.


We measure satisfaction results, develop corrective action plans and implement them. We have telephone and internet based coverage 24/7 for emergencies and requests.

JANCO regularly review property condition using formal process/checklists. We integrate the results from this and our maintenance management system into your capital and maintenance plans. We continuously improve our facility, asset and capital plans along with staff training and communication with customers.

We monitor our results by doing self assessments with help of contemporary means by using systems to tracking, analyzing and reporting to provide management the strategic information and mechanisms are placed for continuous improvement. We have written plans for dealing with emergencies and issues, including disasters, accidents and business recovery.

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