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    The facilities management is a fairly new profession in the private sector.

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    JANCO has experience of many years in cleaning services in residential and commercial sectors

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    JANCO general maintenance and building cleaning company believes in practicing the business..

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Our Services

Spotless Cleaning Service at Matchless Price

Your business setting is what displays your brand ideology, your corporate culture and above all your organizational skill. That means you have to keep your building neat and spotless and for that reason, you have to find a cleaning company UAE and that must be us.

The urgency and importance of office cleaning:

It is a proven fact that a neat office keeps your employees emotionally and psychologically healthy thus binging better and more productivity. In addition, it also helps your employees physically healthy that helps you in cutting down the number of absenteeism.

Neat offices also display a great organizational skill which in turn brings more clients because clients would love to get connected with the company that is organized and has a professional look.

Our approach, efficiency, and objective:

Clients’ demands are tailored: We are aware of the fact that clients have different kinds of setting, the nature of business differs and that demands a more analytical approach. We first understand the client’s needs and requirements by inspecting and investigating the building and then create an action plan and a blueprint for the job. Advanced tools and efficient workforce: Cleaning is not about having a few staffs that carry out the dusting and mopping. In fact, it is much more than that. We have the advanced tools to clan your business setting and we also have the trained professionals who can carry out the job quite effectively and cleanly.

Aim to empower business houses: Our aim is to empower business houses with our matchless cleaning service. We believe that a good office is what drives growth and as the reputed "cleaning company Abu Dhabi" we have made it our objective to create a better and clean office.

Why should you let us manage your facility?

You can find cleaning company UAE but you need our service and we do not just claim that, in fact, we have solid reasons for it. Let’s have a quick look at the things that make us the preferred.

  • • Customized cleaning service for all kinds of settings irrespective of nature of business and hazards that it produces

  • • Complete commercial cleaning service

  • • We have a robust auditing system to measure the quality of our service. Defined SLAs and KPIs are in place for quick and effective measurement of service and performance of our staffs

  • • An emergency team to handle all your emergency cleaning needs and demands for your business

  • • We offer the office, industrial and commercial cleaning at the best price range

  • • We are collaborative and communicative and you can expect integrity and transparency from us

Whether you are a big industry or a small business house, irrespective of your nature of business setting and demands, you can call us, and we would love to look at the demands and requirement of your business setting and give you cleaning plan and solution accordingly.
It is time to trust the ability of best cleaning company Abu Dhabi. So, call now and let us deal with all your cleaning needs.

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